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September 25, 2020
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September 25, 2020


Effective selling requires that you are well informed about the product and /or service you are selling. You understand the client’s needs and have the ability to find solutions for them. However, before and beyond all of that, the true secret of a good salesperson is about what goes on inside their head.

Let’s face it, selling is an attitude. It’s really about how you think and feel. It’s about your whole approach to yourself, your business, your products and, of for sure, your clients. So basically it all comes down to Self-Confidence, Pride and Care in what you are doing.

The basis of all successful selling is confidence, which is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of their own abilities or qualities. In order to create a foundation of trust with your Client, the first thing that you need to do…is to sell yourself. While self-belief does not necessarily guarantee you a sale, it will, in fact, increase the chance of being successful.

If you go into a selling situation, and you do not believe in yourself or capabilities, then you are setting yourself up for failure. You see, if you do not believe in yourself -then the customer will not believe in you either, or whatever you say. Your self-doubt will become their self-doubt, and to tell you the truth….doubt leads to insecurity, NOT A SALE.

Being Optimistic

Entering into any challenging situation with an optimistic attitude is a good thing. So how can you manage your optimism? Be prepared for the meeting; understand fully the product you are selling, as well as the customer you are dealing with. Knowledge is a good reason to be confiden


If you are ready to sell, with good information in your “back pocket”, then you have good reason to be optimistic.

A “Can-Do” Attitude

Finally, self-belief and an optimistic approach lead to a ‘Can-Do’ attitude which means you will be able to get out there and create the sale through your thoughts and actions. Belief is not enough: you’ve got to put in the work too.


Pride placed outside yourself is an important attitude that communicates and transmits itself to your customers. For example, it is extremely important to have Pride in the Company you represent. Associating yourself with the brand and what the brand offers, should make you feel proud. You should be happy to tell others where you work. It is also crucial to have Pride in the product you are selling. Just thinking that you have the privilege of selling such a high-quality product, should make you feel very good about what you are doing.

As with pride in the company, and pride in the product, this is a powerful motivator, both for you and for your customer to trust you and want to buy from you.

Showing that you Care

Finally, a selling attitude is a caring attitude. Rather than just dumping products on customers, if you want them to return again, you should care about them and their problems, and be proud of how your products will help them. There is nothing wrong with informing your Clients about the different products/services you have available to them.

Care for customers can include taking time out from the normal selling context to check up on them, that the product is working okay, and ask if they are happy with it.

When people know that you care about them, personally, then they will be far more willing to trust you…and trust is the most important foundation to effectively sell.

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