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September 25, 2020
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September 25, 2020

The WISE Formula for Selling: Don’t let mistakes BLOW UP in your face

Making a sale is not always the easiest task. From finding new leads to closing deals and signing contracts, the entire sales process can be long and tedious. One mistake, and you could lose a potential sale. The good news is, there is a variety of “Wise” ways to improve your sales game and get past many of the challenges you could face along the way.

Are you ready to become an even better salesperson? Here are my 4 tips that will help you avoid making these common mistakes.

1)Not thinking from the client’s perspective

You get so focused on making that sale -you forget to look at the actual needs and wants of your client. You want to gain the client’s trust and this is only created by asking them questions and finding solutions for THEIR needs-This is NOT about you-it is always about the client. If you make the sale about you- then you can lose their trust. Trust is the one thing you absolutely need to gain the client’s confidence in you –and close that sal

2)You don’t follow-up fast enough

I have been told by potential clients that they really appreciate the follow-up. They feel that this acknowledges that you are interested in helping them and following through. Remember, failure to follow through can result in losing the sale.

3)Not asking the right questions

It is my experience that sales people miss opportunities to build trust by not asking the right questions. This either comes from a lack of knowledge or not having the proper sales training in order to build rapport with your client. I was shadowing a sales meeting with one of my Client’s top sales person and while she was presenting to the group, I sensed that the decision-maker wasn’t buying what she was saying.

I interrupted: “You don’t believe anything she is saying, do you?” The client started to laugh and told me that it’s exactly what he was thinking. The sales person was not asking the questions that showed that she understood the Client’s needs. So how could he possibly trust what she is telling him?

Ask these questions

→ “What do you think about this?”

→ “How does this sound to you?”,

→ “Do does that make sense to you?”

→ “How do you feel about our price compared to whom you usually work with?”

→ “How do you feel about our offer?”

→ “What are your concerns?”

→ “What could be holding you back?”

If you do not get the answers to these questions, you may find yourself not closing deals and not knowing why.

4)Talking too much

Many sales people talk too much during the sales presentation. They go on and on about their product and its features; their services, etc… When I wanted to purchase a television set, I recall speaking to a salesman who told me how long he had been in the electronic business, how smart he was, how much experience he had, and so fort


However, this conversation between us did nothing to reassure me that I should buy from him. Instead, I left the store thinking that he did not care about my specific needs.

When I train my business clients, I tell them when they are selling to someone, rather than talking at great length about their experience and qualifications, get the potential client to talk about themselves and what they want. By doing this, you will be able to determine the most effective strategy to sell to your prospective buyer.

Certified in the field of Business and Sales Coaching, I make a point of living up to my name, in other words, I can help you to succeed…”THE WISE WAY“!

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