Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Our team of Sales and Health Experts are available for a variety of speaking engagements which can include: Keynote Speaking, Conferences, Lunch & Learn, Off-Sites, Corporate Retreats.

We can create any of our seminars to suit your needs or tailor custom content for any business or theme. Robert Wise, will initially meet with you to discuss what your needs are. He will customize the content to align with the goals of your event.

Aside from our popular 1-2 hour sessions, we can also customize half- or full-day events. For more interactive sessions, customized workshops can be created which can involve break-out groups, on-site health testing, or focused group discussions, based on your requirements.

Our workshops are offered in English, French, and Spanish

Initial Meeting

Robert will meet with you to discuss the culture of your organization, and your goals for you team. Based on your needs, he will custom tailor content to align with the key message you wish to deliver.

Keynote presentations run between 45-90 minutes, depending on your needs. Please note each speaking topic can be turned into a workshop–which can include personalized coaching. We can also combine our presentations to maximize productivity.

Do you want to take your business sales to the next level? Learn to sell with Robert Wise, Professional Sales Specialist & Certified Life Coach.

What do the world’s top athletes and performing artists have in common?

They all have a coach!